Employee Directory

Winslow Office (866) 591-7120

President & CEO, Rodney “Beau” Mears
Ext 331, beau@nelabservices.com

Human Resource Manager, Vickie Massey
Ext 311, vmassey@nelabservices.com

Director of Finance, Melissa Higgins
Ext 336, mhiggins@nelabservices.com

Manager of Operations, Jeremy Boutin
Ext. 332, jboutin@nelabservices.com

IT Manager, Francis Reed
Ext. 329, freed@nelabservices.com

Microbiology Laboratory Manager, Brett Goodrich
Ext. 321, bgoodrich@nelabservices.com

Chemistry Laboratory Director, Harold Flachsbart
Ext. 337, hflachsbart@nelabservices.com

Analytical QA/QC Officer, Tanya Marin
Ext. 302, tmarin@nelabservices.com

Media QA/QC Manager, Mary Veilleux
Ext. 342, mveilleux@nelabservices.com

Facilities Manager, John Manzo
Ext. 312, jmanzo@nelabservices.com

Media Customer Service Representative, Tamara Dodge
Ext. 316, tdodge@nelabservices.com

Media Customer Service Representative, Kathy Martin
Ext. 304, kmartin@nelabservices.com

Environmental Health & Safety Officer & Materials Manager, Jeremy Boutin
Ext. 332, jboutin@nelabservices.com

Portland Office (207) 878.6481

Microbiology Technical Director, Kate MacKinnon

Portland Office Manager, Bill Sargent