Media Manufacturing Overview

Since 1972 Northeast Laboratory Services has been manufacturing microbiological culture media; the name has come to stand for the highest quality in products and service.

The NEL manufacturing team has combined the finest in production techniques with an unparalleled level of customer service to build this reputation.

NEL is dedicated to continue offering the same quality and service that our customers have come to expect. Our goal is not only to meet our customers' expectations, but also to exceed them.

Plated Media Production

NEL's plated media operation utilizes carefully selected and validated ingredients in conjunction with ISO Class 5 / FS209E Class 100 Validated EC Rooms, ensuring contaminant-free product with a high degree of consistency from batch to batch.

Tubed Media Production

From simple fermentation tubes to highly specialized clinical diagnostic media, NEL produces liquid and agar media tubes for a wide variety of clients, including private laboratories, food processors, clinics & hospitals, academic institutions and government agencies.

Bottled Media Production

NEL Produces a wide variety of broth and agar-based media in many sizes and types of bottles, both glass and autoclavable plastic. As with all NEL products, bottled media must pass extensive quality control testing, based on USP, CLSI or customer specifications prior to release.

NEL manufactures over 500 proprietary products and over 1,300 classic media formulations for clients in the pharmaceutical, hospitals, food & beverage, cosmetic and educational research industries.

NEL consistently provides those clients with high quality microbiological products and organisms. All manufacturing processes follow FDA, GMP and USDA guidelines.